2018 Halloween Costumes!! Xd

Hi this is my first YouTube video. Hope you like it! XD I do plan on getting better in the future tho.
In this video is just all of the costumes I dressed up in, for October 2018. I literally dressed up every day of October. Because I wanted to and it’s a little tradition for me.
I do it because, I really enjoy the cute side of Halloween and fun costumes. I like to come up with my own costumes now that I’m older.
So I’m not a cosplayer, contrary to popular belief. I just really like dressing up for halloween and some of my costumes were my OCs. I can and sometimes do roleplay tho. I’m a highschooler.
I don’t plan on ever changing my whimsical childish side. Like ever. Lol

Also heads up to my BFFs who are in this video!! I loved their costumes as well! XD They are amazing!

The Music in this video was found in Google photos in the movie editing feature. Yeah. I used Google photos and snapchat to create this video. 😅😂 Its just for fun. 😁

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